Practice Player Program

The practice player program is an effort to afford opportunities to the players who may not be ready for the time (or financial) commitment of a full club team. Many players miss out on the club ball training experience because of other sports and activities. This is a great solution for the players who can’t commit to a club travel team.
All practice player training will be led and directed by Lance Woods.

What: The program is set up to train the players in groups divided by ages (and in some cases ability levels), which will typically be 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18 but could vary slightly based on numbers and ability levels.
Included in your cost:
*42 Hours of gym time (over 3 months)
*Weekly group practice
*Position specific practice
*Practice Tshirts

New players
who start in January 2020 = $135/month with a 3 month commitment. Players meeting the 3 month minimum commitment can then add on additional months for $135/month (through May) with just a single month commitment after the 3 months has been met.
who start after January OR do not want to do the minimum 3 months = $220/month (and can go month to month).

Current players in the program (those who did the initial Nov-Feb session)…
May add on additional months on a month to month basis. If you did the initial Nov-Feb session, you can add on months at these costs:
March = $85
April = $135
May = $135

Practice Info:
All practices are at the BVC Center. You will come to BVC 2-3 times a week, every month (BVC closes around Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year, and Spring Break).
November: Every Week (starting Nov. 10th, off the week of Thanksgiving)
2 Position Specific practices per week
1 Agility Training per week
December: Every Week (breaking for Christmas & New Year’s)
1 Position Specific practices per week
1 Group Training Session per week
1 Agility Training per week
January & February:
1 Agility Training per week
2 Group Training Sessions per week
2 Position Specific practice per MONTH

To sign up for the program, contact Lacy Shannon

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