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*Some aspects subject to change based on club/team needs*

What age division would my child play in?  Use the tool to calculate your child’s appropriate age division for tryouts. Age Definition Chart

When is your season? Tryouts are held at the beginning of October (14’s & younger)/early part of November (15’s & over). Teams are finalized shortly after tryouts. Some practices begin in late November/early December or at the first of January. The season typically ends in April.

Do you Travel? Yes, teams will travel locally, regionally, and possibly nationally (some older age groups might travel farther, based on the need for tougher competition. This will be at the coaches discretion). Examples: A local tournament would be one in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville.   A regional tournament would be one in Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Jackson. Many of our top level teams also travel to places outside of our Region; this is determined on the strength of the team, need for competition, need to be seen for recruiting, and desire of the coach/team. Tournaments are either 1 or 2 days (a qualifier could be as many as 3 days, most teams will only go to 1 of these, if they even go to one). 1 day tournaments could be on Saturdays or Sundays. It will be noted by the host club as to which day you play. 2 day tournaments are on Saturday & Sundays. At the team meetings (referenced below) teams will be informed of their tournament schedule. Parents are responsible for transportation to/from all tournaments, hotel & food for their athlete.  Attendance at tournaments is expected.

How many times per week do you practice? This depends on the level of the team. Teams will have 2 assigned practices per week – 1.5-2 hours each practice, with additional opportunities for individual skill training sessions. Practices can be on any days of the week, typically between Sun-Thursday. Possibly some Saturdays if you do not have a tournament.  We try our best to accommodate schedules, but can not always do so. Practices typically start between 5pm-7pm and end by 9 (sometimes older teams will end at 9:30).  Attendance at practice and individual skill training is expected.

By trying out, am I making a commitment to play? No. Tryouts will cost you player tryout fee (charged by BVC, $20-$50 depending on age) and $10 Tryout Membership to cover insurance fees (charged by SRVA). Both fees are non-refundable. These fees are NOT applied toward your team fees if you are chosen/choose to play with us. Once teams are selected, you will need to notify us by a specified date whether you accept your spot or not. You are NOT obligated for any further financial commitment unless you accept your spot.

Are there other clubs in Birmingham? Yes, Birmingham is a thriving volleyball community that is healthy enough to support several very good volleyball clubs. It’s just like buying a car…what is “perfect” for some, may be the completely wrong choice for others. We STRONGLY encourage you to attend tryouts for all area clubs in order to find the best fit for yourself. http://www.srva.org is a great website that will give you information on clubs in the different areas of our region (including Birmingham).

Why BVC? Like we said above, our club might not be the right option for everyone, so it’s not about us convincing you to play for our club…it’s about you making an educated decision on which club is the best fit for your daughter & your family. However, we can give you a run down of some characteristics of our club that we feel helps us be as successful as we have been. #1 OUR COACHES! We have a staff of around 40 coaches that are all WONDERFUL! Whether you are on the youngest, least experienced team or are on the 18 elite team…we pair coaches with a team that we feel will be a good combination for the success of the players. EVERY BVC team has TWO COACHES – what the player gets out of this is a much lower player:coach ratio, which in turn results in that much more individual attention. We also hire the best coaches, not only to instruct volleyball, but to be positive role models for your daughter. Our club stresses responsibility, character, leadership skills. If your daughter decides to not play volleyball in college, we try to make sure we’ve given her tools to help her succeed off the volleyball court as well. If it is her goal to play volleyball in college, we will help nurture that goal in any way we can; through helping make skills videos, talking to college coaches, recommending colleges for you to look at, giving an honest evaluation to help you look at the right group of colleges that fit your playing potential, academic goals, geographical desires, etc. Our club is affiliated with coaches from the local colleges – Montevallo, UAB, Bham Southern, Samford. Additionally, we all have relationships with coaches outside of the Birmingham area that we maintain to get our athletes recruited. If we DON’T have a relationship with a coach at a college you want to go to, we will form one! BVC is also a family…this is evident if you walk in to one of our gyms during practice. Our coaches all help each other and are friends outside of the gym. We all are bonded by the common goal of making a positive impact in these girls lives. We like for all of our players to get to know, not only their team coaches, but all the club coaches. 

I made the team, now what? Once teams are selected and finalized, we will have “commitment day” at which first payment is made and uniform fitting occurs. Then we will have “team meetings”. These meetings are REQUIRED for a parent and player to attend. You will gather as a team for the first time, meet your coaches, discuss your tournament schedule, get fitted for uniforms, select any extra gear (i.e. shoes, knee pads, spandex, sweat pants, etc.). This is on top of the fee below. You will also make your 1st payment at the commitment day (about 1/4 of the total cost).

What does it cost? The fee for club volleyball can vary greatly based on your daughters age group and team level. Our fees include gym rental, coaching costs, insurance, USAV/AAU membership, equipment, admin fees, etc. The tournament portion of the fee is the tournament entry, coaches travel & expenses.

For 10’s-11’s, cost is around $1000. 12’s & 13’s are $1200-$2000. 14’s-’18’s teams, when it’s all said and done, the average cost per player is around $2500-$3000. This amount could be a bit higher for an older, very advanced team that does a lot of traveling for recruiting purposes. Please note, this does not include the players lodging, food, and travel to/from tournaments–these are the responsibility of the parent. And this is a ROUGH ESTIMATE…it could vary based on the schedule of the team.

How many teams do you have?  We don’t go in to tryouts with a “set” number of teams that we will take in each age group; it just depends on the number of players we have tryout in those age groups, etc.  Our goal is to have 10-12 players per team. We do not cut players from our 10-11-12-13 year old groups. We try to keep everyone at the older ages as well but sometimes we do have to make cuts.

Are you allowed to play other sports during club volleyball? This is a tricky question. While we do not prohibit you from doing so, we ask that when you make the decision to play club volleyball to keep in mind that you are making a commitment not only to yourself, but to your team. If you are, for example, the only setter on your club team but can’t make 3 tournaments and you have to miss a lot of the practices because of another sport, you might want to reconsider playing club ball. We ask that you THINK ABOUT THIS prior to committing to a club team as attendance is expected and fees are not prorated for not attending practice/tournaments. Once you make the commitment to play, you will be charged for the entire season regardless if you decide later on that you’ve taken on too much or not. Also, take academics in to consideration. Don’t over-extend yourself and let your academics slip as a result. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE talk about this as a family prior to committing to a club team. It has been our experience in the past that middle school and JV basketball do not overlap hardly at all to have a great impact on being able to play club. However, varsity level school softball and soccer typically overlap quite a bit with a club volleyball schedule (please keep in mind, that every school is different, so this might not always apply to your situation. We have had kids do both before).

My daughter is not old enough/not ready to commit to a “travel” team, are there other options for her to be involved?  Yes!!  We have programs going year round for all ages and levels. Check out Court Crashers, Position Specific Practices, Practice Player option, and on going clinics.

Late fees & bounced check fees will apply if necessary at the amount of $25 each occurrence.
If you accept a position with BVC and then withdraw between the published commitment date and Dec 15, you are obligated to a fee of $500 or forfeit the amount of the first payment, whichever is greater.
If you accept a position with BVC & then withdraw after Dec 15, you are obligated to a $1000 fee.
No player can change clubs after January 15th without permission from the club. If you are given permission, you will be charged a $1500 fee.
These fees are in place because as we put players on a team, they take up a spot that another committed player could have accepted.  Changing teams doesn’t only affect the team on which a player quits, but also other teams that may have to sacrifice a player to move.  We also purchase memberships, pay coaching & gym fees, order uniforms and tournament entries as soon as possible in order to make sure our teams are accepted into the tournaments they have chosen.

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