Court Crashers


Court Crashers

BVC’s In-House Rec League program for Beginners

June 2023

July 2023

August 2023


*each session must be registered for separately


We try our best to keep teams at 8-10 players in order to maximize court time for all players. We encourage you to be at all practices & matches.

Birmingham Volleyball Club
101 Cahaba Valley Pkwy WEST, Pelham, AL 35124
(formerly Pump It Up, next to Walmart in Pelham)
Please read thoroughly. If you have questions: or 205-358-2065 (text)

Each Session Registration Link lists the time/dates for that specific session

For ages 8-14 years old
This is an in-house “rec league on steroids” type program for beginners. This program would be too “beginner” for the advanced 13-14 year olds. Teams are made up of 8-10 players with one coach. Playing time is guaranteed and players are rotated in so that we attempt for it to be equal for all players.
In practice, players work on passing & serving every day. Hitting & setting are also taught. We encourage the use of an overhand serve in practice but we do allow players to serve underhand while they’re “getting the hang of it.”

Each week, one day will be devoted to practice (1.5 hours) and another day will be game day (approx 2 hours). Subject to Change based on Registration.

SCHEDULE–Specific game times will be updated once we have determined the number of teams we will have in each age group, if we have enough to split. The times below are based on estimates. You will receive that information after registration is closed & evaluations have been completed, if we have a significant number of players either walk up or no show.

~Each team plays 2 matches per week. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first scheduled match. You will rotate match time slots each week.

Registration is limited, and we set up teams after the first practice. You will find out your team, coach & match schedule the before the first match. We do not take requests for teammates. We encourage players to branch out & meet new people! The majority of the players are new each time and also new to volleyball so your child will not be in that boat alone. The way we structure practice/matches, you will likely be at the same time (or very close) to the others in your age group so carpooling shouldn’t be an issue, even if friends end up on different teams.

BVC provides balls for practice and games…do NOT bring your own. Kneepads are recommended (but not required). We suggest that players wear their hair up so it doesn’t get in the way. Athletic shoes (NOT Keds/Converse/SlipOns) are required but they do not have to be volleyball specific. Athletic shorts/spandex & t-shirt are ideal. Players should bring their own water bottle which can be refilled in our water fountain

Each team will have a knowledgeable coach. Players will practice as a group as well as with their team.

Practices are not open to spectators. However, we welcome spectators at our matches!

Match Day Spectator Seating is provided so please do not bring your own chair. Do not rearrange seating. Young children should be supervised at all time and stay in the area with their family. Limited to 2-3 spectators per player. NO ADMISSION FEE!

Cost: $100-$200 per player per session
*each session is 4-6 weeks, which contains 4-6 practices & 4-6 match days (8-12 matches)
You will receive a t-shirt during the session.
Cash/Check, made out to BVC, can be brought on Evaluation Day.

**Registration form lists the anticipated days/times for this event. Sometimes we have to change them based on the number of registrations being drastically lower or higher than estimated. We will communicate this information in advance.

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