BVC Vday Bash

DATE: February 12, 2022

Miscellaneous information:
-Admission fee (players and coaches ON A ROSTER are free): $10 per per person ages 12 & over
-At all locations, please be courteous of other spectators & clear the immediate court area when your child’s team is not playing. 
-Food/Concessions rules will be posted by Wednesday before the tournament.
-If there are “waves,” we will post this as early as possible. If it isn’t posted, then it isn’t available yet.
-Your exact pool assignment will be posted here by the Tuesday before the tournament.
-All teams are guaranteed 8 sets

There is NO COACHES MEETING prior to start. ALL COACHES must check in and get roster from admission desk by 30 minutes prior to their start time (EVEN IF YOU DON’T PLAY OR REF THE FIRST MATCH !!!!!) If you are not checked in by 30 minutes prior to your wave, we will consider your team as a now show and reformat your pool with your team.
Please read all information on our website so you understand the format, the food rules at the facility, etc.
Please turn your signed roster (all players must have jersey number & USAV membership number filled in) in to the scorer’s table at your court prior to your first match starting.

At some facilities, all spectators & players that are not playing MUST leave the building to keep capacity at a minimum. Players that are actively reffing are allowed to remain at the court. At least one coach is required to stay with their team while reffing. Coaches are not required to leave the building(s).


BVC Facility

Moody High School

Moody Middle School

Moody Jr. High School

Homewood High School

Homewood Middle School


These will be formatted by division based on number of registrations