Comparing Apples & Oranges: Navigating club volleyball tryouts

It’s that time of year again…club volleyball tryouts. There’s a frenzy of text messages going around between players, parents, coaches alike. We felt like it’s a good opportunity to mention a few tips as you navigate the coming weeks. You will have to do research to compare BHM Volleyball Club with other options; but we wanted to lay out here what to look for and what we can offer.

#1 – Figure out what’s important to you!
The best choice of clubs for your BFF, is not necessarily the bet choice for YOU. Decide what it is you’re looking for and what is being offered to you.
#2 – All club pricing is NOT created equal. Club volleyball is a HUGE time and financial commitment. When you are evaluating your options, make sure you ask all the questions about what you are going to be asked to pay and what exactly you are receiving.
>>All in packages -At BHM Volleyball Club, we will NOT ask you to add an extra uniform package; it’s already included in our full price. If a club is adding a uniform package on top of their cost, ask what is included in that and how much it’s going to be (beware: this can be upwards of $300 additional)
>>Time! Another point that is easy to overlook when evaluating is the time you’re getting in the gym. BHM Volleyball Club starts practices the week after commitments; in early November. Some clubs may not start practicing until December or January…this means you could be getting 4-6 weeks LESS practice time. So when you are comparing costs, make sure you take the amount of time in the gym into account.
>>WHAT you are getting in the gym? Consider how robust of training you are receiving. Our programs are designed to give the player the complete package of training. You will be in the gym 2-3x per week with: Team practices, Strength & Conditioning practices, Position specific practices.
An in-house strength program is a HUGE value add for our club and it’s included in your package cost! If another club does not offer that in house and you add that into your players regiment it can costs several hundred dollars more per month in addition to you having to take your player to another facility, which costs you valuable time.
Additionally, we train our players by position as well as in their team environment. This allows players to gain touches specific to a position. Not playing your desired position on your club team? No problem…attend a positional training to get those extra touches needed. You can be a “gym rat” here and attend multiple ones each week if you want!
>>WHO is training you? Our teams all have TWO COACHES dedicated to each team. Our coaches are IMPACT and Safesport certified. They have all played and coached the game. Our coaches are the best in the area and are all dedicated to the success of each player. Each player gets opportunities to work with many different coaches in our club through positional trainings. Additionally, our strength and conditioning program is headed up by Deanna Conner, former collegiate athlete and current high school volleyball coach.
#3 – Dedicated Training Facility. BHM Volleyball Club is the ONLY club in the area that has its own gym; a 4-court VOLLEYBALL facility. This means you will NOT get kicked out of practice if one of the schools or facilities program needs to use it (which will always take precedent over an outside group renting). Want to come in a little early to work on some serving? No problem at BVC – as long as no other teams are scheduled on that court, make yourself at HOME! You don’t have to wait until your rented “time” starts when you have your own facility like we do. Also, if you are wanting to get a couple extra reps in at the end of the night, with your own facility it’s not a problem…the lights won’t get shut off on you.
#4 – FAMILY. Bottom line is when you join BHM Volleyball Club you are joining a family. We support you and your family with the goals you have. We will work with your middle/high school coach to make sure we are training to their standards and what they need us to help you with. We advocate playing school volleyball because it’s not only about the competition but it’s about the entire experience of having an identity, having a built in group of friends, and the pride for competing and representing your school.
At the end of the day, we are passionate about your goals, on and off the court….because you are family to us.
#5 – BHM Volleyball Club Guarantee: We are the only club in our area that offers a guarantee. If you tryout and do not make your school team, we will give you FREE VOLLEYBALL during the summer in the way of our camps and clinics. Yup, that’s right: when you have your very own facility, you have the ability to offer many opportunities for your family of volleyball players.
#6 – College Recruiting. We have sent hundreds of kids to continue their playing career in college. We will give you the tools, information, and guidance to pursue your own collegiate career. Even if you’re not sure if that’s what you want to do or not, we will put you on the path to help that discovery process.

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